Dando Buffalo 4000 – Cost Effective Drilling Technology

With over 140 years of involvement in many hundreds of rural water supply projects Dando have experienced first-hand the life changing, life-saving effects of providing a community with a source of clean and safe water.

As well as the rotary hydraulic rigs for which they are renowned Dando also recognise the limitations that high costs – both up-front and on-going – bring.  For this reason Dando actively promotes the use of the Buffalo  drilling rig.

This unique machine uses an engine powered cable winch to raise and lower a range of weighted tools that progress the drilled borehole. Since the percussive method does not require flushing media (water-based) or compressed air, the rig is ideally suited to drilling in remote locations. The Buffalo is also extremely simple to service and repair minimising down-time and extending the working life. The Buffalo can be supplied with a full tooling package or with a less comprehensive package depending on the local drilling conditions. This is the ideal machine for village level operation and maintenance (VLOM) water supply projects – a view endorsed by our many customers.

Drilling Capability

6” holes to 90m depth

8” holes to 60m depth


The Dando Buffalo offers the cheapest lifecycle cost per litre of water abstracted of any available drilling machine. This is due to:

  • Competitive capital cost
  • Ability to drill in a very wide range of geology including consolidated conditions
  • Very low on going maintenance requirement
  • Ability to drill with no outside assistance in remote locations
  • An integrated trailer for low cost transportation even in tough environments
  • No pumps or compressor required
  • Unmatched longevity with rigs often lasting for generations

Training and Support

The Buffalo is built to the same exacting standards as the Dando rotary fleet and every rig package that Dando provides can be accompanied by a qualified Dando engineer who is able to train a local drill crew on the operation of the equipment. This has been an enormously successful formula for many NGOs, funding bodies and private contractors.