Dando Supporting the British Military

Dando has been a supplier of drilling rigs and equipment to the British Army since 1868.

British Military

2010 – Supplied a fleet of five Watertec 12.8 water well rigs to the 521 Specialist Troop of Royal Engineers for borehole drilling on military sites around the world.
1995 – Three Dando 2000 cable percussion rigs sold to the Royal Engineers for carrying out site investigation across UK military bases.
2005 – Built three mud management systems to Royal Engineers specifications. Designed to be portable, easy to transport and with reduced noise emissions.
1980s – Sold three Dando 350 rotary drilling rigs in the mid 1980s for borehole drilling on military bases worldwide.
1960s – Supplied eight Dando 800 rotary rigs for global water well drilling.
WWII – Formed a well boring unit, which became the No. 3. Well Boring Section of the Royal Engineers. Dando also supplied equipment to the War Office.

Indonesian Military

Dando has a rich history of providing machines to Indonesia and in 2013 it sold eighteen water well drilling rigs to the country’s Army. With two rigs deployed on each of the nine major islands, the trailer mounted Watertec 9000 rigs are supplying water to army bases across the nation. They will also be used for carrying out disaster relief work within the country and humanitarian work outside the nation, if needed.

Qatari Army

In 1997 the Qatari Army purchased a Dando BSR800 borehole servicing rig for well development and maintenance across its military bases. Mounted on a MAN truck and painted camouflage by the Army themselves, the rig featured a freefall winch for bailing boreholes and fishing out lost tools, along with an air compressor for well development.

Ethiopian Military

Since 2011 Dando have supplied three large Watertec 24 water well drilling rigs to the Ethiopian Military. The first machine, sold to the Ministry of National Defence in 2011, is supplying water across the country’s military bases while the other two, donated by the United States Department of Defence this year, will be used for peacekeeping missions in the region.

Unamid, Sudan

Purchased in 2010, three Dando Watertec 24 drilling rigs are supplying water to UNAMID’s military bases in Darfur. With a pullback capacity of 24,000kgf the Watertec 24 is designed for working in harsh conditions and it is capable of mud rotary, air and flooded reverse drilling. Other features include a high torque rotary head, high pressure air/water swivel, a selection of on-board air compressors and mud pumps as well as a range of vehicle mounting options.