Coretec 9000

The Dando Coretec 9000 is designed specifically for deep wireline core drilling.

The rig has a pullback capacity of 10000kgf and is able to collect quality core samples while operating on a small footprint. Featuring a long stroke of 3.7 metres and with options for either a chuck-drive or dedicated high-speed top-drive head, the Coretec 9000 is suitable for coring in the most common wireline and conventional barrel sizes. A long stroke and foot clamp arrangement enable this rig to fill a three metre core barrel in one pass. Employed by some of the world’s biggest mines, the Coretec is strong, dependable and fast in demanding mining environments.

  • 10,000 kgf pullback
  • Small drilling footprint
  • Crawler mounted as standard but also available on: 4×4 truck; trailer; skid; or customer’s own support vehicle.
  • Mast dump to 45 degrees
  • Arm mounted drilling control
  • On board flush pump
  • Hydraulic winch
  • Wireline winch
  • High-torque high-speed rotary head with hydraulic side shift and tilt
  • Hydraulic rod clamps/breaker
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Coretec 9000 Videos

"Coretec 9000 available with a high speed chuck-drive or high speed top-drive (up to 1200 RPM) rotary head."

Coretec 9000:  filling a 3m core barrel in a single pass for maximum core recovery

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