Mintec 12.8

The multipurpose Dando Mintec 12.8 is an extremely powerful mid-range mineral exploration drilling rig with a pullback capacity of 12,800kgf and can be used for wireline drilling, RC drilling (Reverse Circulation) and RAB drilling (Rotary Air Blast).

Also available in a compact version with smaller tracks and no compressor or a heavy duty version with an increased pullback of 16000kgf. The multipurpose capabilities of this rig mean it can also perform other mine site drilling tasks such as dewatering holes.

  • 12,800kgf pullback
  • Highspeed, high torque rotary head
  • High pressure air/water swivel
  • RC and RAB compatible
  • Main winch for handling tools and casing
  • Wireline winch
  • Mast dump for angle drilling
  • Hydraulic rod clamps
  • Onboard coring pump
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"Mintec 12.8 ~ Dando's flagship exploration rig with more than 20 units operating in Indonesia alone"

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Mintec 12.8 – Introducing Air Flush Technique for Indonesian Coal Exploration at KPC

In 1986 Dando Drilling International, a long established British manufacturer of drilling rigs for a diversity of applications, was approached by Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC), one of Indonesia’s large mining companies, for the provision of reliable and durable machinery for open pit coal exploration in East Kalimantan, particularly in Sangatta, some 120km north of Samarinda, … Read more

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