Multitec 4000 Mk3

Designed for remote location mineral exploration.

The last rig you will ever need?

Born of Exploration

Prospecting and exploration drilling is changing.

Locations are increasingly remote and minimising impact to the environment is of greater concern than in the past. Productivity and safety are paramount. So is cost: running cost, maintenance cost and initial cap-ex. In a nutshell, we need equipment that is smaller, more powerful, that requires fewer operators and is easier and cheaper to maintain and run.

The Multitec 4000 Mk3 was born of these criteria.

  • 4 speed rotary head mounted to a hydraulic side shift with optional floating spindle. Hydraulic head tilt available. Various head options.
  • Double breakout clamps. Optional mast foot casing jack provides up to 8000 kg retraction force for extracting casing or drill tooling.
  • Ergonomically designed swing out control console. Easy to position and allows optimal view of borehole. Stows easily for when tracking.
  • Safety features include 3 emergency stop buttons, hydraulic system protection via relief valves and low level oil sensor, and an optional safety gate with automatic head speed reduction when open.
  • Four hydraulic levelling jacks to level and stabilise the rig. Rear jacks fold into the chassis to maximise clearance when tracking.
  • Manually deployed mast extension allows the tripping out of 6m of rods at a time on the winch.
  • Optional automatic trip hammer for carrying out SPT tests and using soil sampling equipment.
  • A range of triplex coring pumps, progressive cavity or centrifugal mud pumps available.
  • Stay bar system to provide additional mast support when drilling inclined boreholes at 45-65 degree angles.
  • Easy to service with good access points to all main components.
  • 4000 kgf to 6000 kgf pullback capacity
Case Studies
Drilling Depths

Designed from the ground up to keep the centre of mass as low and central as possible, and sitting on 400mm wide steel or rubber tracks, the Multitec 4000 mk3 makes climbing and traversing steep or undulating terrain safe and fast.

"When tracking the rig is only 1.6m wide allowing it access to tight spaces and reducing the amount of clearance required in forest or jungle environments."

The standard mast structure offers 4 tonnes of pullback while the heavy duty exploration mast provides a full 6 tonnes and accommodates the ultra-versatile RH6 rotary head. 4 gears provide 6000Nm of torque or 750rpm. A high speed motor option can increase that to 1200rpm for small diameter coring.

Ready for wireline coring from P to B, open hole water or air flush, DTH hammer and reverse circulation, this rig is ready for all mine site and prospecting applications. A number of options allow greater productivity and safety: a hydraulic recovery winch can provide additional backup when traversing slippery slopes, for example, and a radio remote control allows the operator to track from a safe vantage point with a clear view of movement.

"Despite its power and versatility, the small size of the machine ensures running and maintenance costs are kept low."

Is this the last rig you will ever need for prospecting in the 0-300m range? Many exploration and mining customers have already answered with a resounding "Yes!"

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