MK2 Percussive Terrier

Taking the world's best mini site investigation rig

... and making it even better.

The compact, versatile Dando Terrier MK2 rig is packed with a range of features for increased efficiency, flexibility and productivity when drilling.

Designed specifically for site investigation and environmental analysis, the rig’s ultra-small footprint and crawler mounted design the user to carry out various sampling methods in confined spaces where access is limited.

  • 300mm hydraulic mast dump
  • Automatic stop on the trip hammer
  • Swing out trip hammer at any height
  • Can trip out multiple rods
  • Stainless steel guide rod
  • New split weight design – 63.5kg reduced to 50kg with the removal of 8 bolts. No additional brakets
  • Single piece drive adapter
  • Swing out pullback ring allows open access to the borehole
  • Revised control console
  • Lightweight folding stabiliser legs with ball jointed adjustable jack feet. Hydraulic option available
  • Automatic transit lock. No additional pins needed for road transportation
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MK2 Percussive Terrier Video

"As capable as the original Terrier but with a redesigned layout, the ability to trip multiple rods, an auto hammer that stops at the bottom of the stroke, a swing out hammer assembly to allow unobstructed access above the borehole and new options for hydraulic stabilisers, radio remote control and more. "

Dando Terrier for Alluvial Gold Exploration

Indonesian Gold specialists PT Green Gold Engineering recently received a Dando Terrier for alluvial gold exploration on a new concession of mineral sands in Kalimantan. Requiring samples in the 10-15m range, Green Gold’s drilling division, Indrill, required a small, lightweight rig with low ground pressure to navigate the fine powder-white sand. The rig also needed … Read more

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Terrier Mk2 Rigs for UK Site Investigation

Two new Terrier Mk2 rigs setup for percussive sampling have been delivered to customers in the UK over the last few months. The first of these, STM Environmental Consultants are using the rig for site investigation in the Reading area. The purchase of the Terrier Mk2 rig is their first acquisition as they bring drilling … Read more

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Dando Terrier – Feedback

Just one of the many positive feedbacks we’ve had from customers who have bought our mini Dando Terrier site investigation rig. This is what Ian from Tightsight Investigations said about the Dando Terrier.   “The overall purchasing experience was a good one. I was kept informed on the progress of sale at all times…the rig … Read more

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The Terrier Mk2 percussive rig: site investigation in the 0-15m range in half the setup time at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

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