MK1 Percussive Terrier

Occupying a small footprint, the compact and extremely versatile Dando Terrier drilling rig is capable of a range of site investigation techniques in areas of restricted space and difficult access, including disturbed and undisturbed sampling, SPT and dynamic probing.

Mounted on a small crawler unit, the rig is easily transportable and simple to manoeuvre through tight spaces, causing very little disturbance to its surroundings.

Constructed from high grade aluminium and designed using the latest software, the Dando Terrier is also available in a lightweight version boasting a lower ground pressure for when working in sensitive, fragile terrains and providing a wider range of logistics options.

  • Optional expanded tracks for increased stability when required.
  • Blow counter installed alongside the drilling controls at the front of the rig. Large illuminated digital display for easy reading
  • Compact manoeuvrable crawler mounted design ideally suited for long wheel-base transit type vans for fast mobilisation to site and secure storage of all equipment
  • 2-piece drop hammer incorporated in mast assembly for recovery of casing and sampling tools. Mast assembly can be detached for remote operation.
  • Hydraulic tilting undercarriage allows operation on inclined slopes of up to 30 degrees from horizontal.
  • Deck area with storage capacity for all required drilling tools
  • Rotary concrete coring head available as an option. Useful when concrete and tarmac overlie the area to be sampled
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MK1 Percussive Terrier Video

"The Percussive Terrier is ideal for mineral exploration in soft geologies and unconsolidated formations like mineral sands and tailing dams which are notorious for poor recovery using rotary methods"

Dando Terrier for Alluvial Gold Exploration

Indonesian Gold specialists PT Green Gold Engineering recently received a Dando Terrier for alluvial gold exploration on a new concession of mineral sands in Kalimantan. Requiring samples in the 10-15m range, Green Gold’s drilling division, Indrill, required a small, lightweight rig with low ground pressure to navigate the fine powder-white sand. The rig also needed … Read more

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Dando Terrier Feedback from K&A Engineering, Oregon, USA

Feedback received from USA based Dando Terrier customer, K & A Engineering about a site investigation project involving the small multipurpose rig: “(The) project included the demolition of three old buildings on a large property in the older part of the city and construction of two multi-story apartment buildings. Geological conditions on this site were … Read more

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Dando Terrier – Feedback

Just one of the many positive feedbacks we’ve had from customers who have bought our mini Dando Terrier site investigation rig. This is what Ian from Tightsight Investigations said about the Dando Terrier.   “The overall purchasing experience was a good one. I was kept informed on the progress of sale at all times…the rig … Read more

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The Dando Terrier has been able to retrieve representative samples to depths of 15-20m in difficult to drill mineral sands.

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