Buffalo 4000

The Dando Buffalo is a simple to use, cost effective cable percussion drilling rig that is specially designed for water well drilling in areas of poor infrastructure and difficult terrain.

With a single line pull capacity of 4000kg, the Dando Buffalo 4000 has lower maintenance requirements than a standard water well drilling rig due to its simple design. The rig is designed to be robust enough to last for decades and can be pulled behind any lightweight four-wheel drive vehicle. This rig is particularly favoured by NGOs, government bodies, funding agencies and contractors.

  • Silent engine pack – The Buffalo 4000 features the economical and operationally safe Hatz soundproof engine
  • Low cost – no need to circulate drilling fluid using a mud pump and no need for a compressor.
  • Simple to operate – good rates of production. Greater success in difficult, collapsing geological conditions.
  • Tough and long lasting – built to last for decades.
  • Easy to maintain – due to fewer wearing parts.
  • Minimal backup – the rig requires minimal back-up due to the design and selection of components.
  • Winch and power unit – winch powered by Lister diesel engine backed by worldwide service. Driven by roller chain through hand operated clutch giving “snappy” drilling action and allowing driller to retain “feel” of drill load. Powerful foot brake allows easy and precise control. Second sheave to allow handling of sampling and testing equipment and for ease of reeving a hoist block for withdrawing casing.
  • Derrick – fabricated from box section steel, rear legs are hinged on winch frame and cross braced. Front legs secured at top on double pivot joints, strong brace bar with large skid feet joined to the base of the front legs.
  • Tooling – rig packages can be supplied with a full range of tools including bits, casing, rods etc. All packages are tailored to suit the customer’s needs.
  • Training – training is available from experienced Dando drilling engineers.
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"Buffalo 4000 can moooooing and do rodeo for 100 years nonstop"

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Multitec 4000 MK3: A multipurpose rig that performs like a dedicated machine for each and every project.

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