Watertec 12.8

The Watertec 12.8 drilling rig has been providing water to communities around the globe in some of the harshest conditions imaginable.

Recognised for its strength and reliability the Watertec 12.8 drilling rig has a pullback capacity of 12,800kgf on a strong, low-maintenance steel box section mast structure.

Ideal for a wide range of customer requirements and used by NGOs, government bodies, private contractors and others looking to drill medium to deep water wells. Capable of mud-rotary, DTH hammer and flooded reverse circulation, and with the option of an on board compressor which removes the requirement for additional ancillary equipment and support vehicles, this is a fully fledged medium depth water well drilling rig. The standard mast allows the loading and tripping of 6m drill rods.

The machine is also available with an increased pullback of 16,000kgf.

  • Designed to be robust and reliable for working in tough environments
  • Capable of mud rotary, air and flooded reverse drilling
  • Various mounting options including 6×6 or 8×8 truck; crawler unit; trailer; customer own support vehicle or structure
  • High torque rotary head
  • High pressure air/water swivel
  • Main winch for tools and casing
  • Auxiliary winch for tool handling
  • Selection of on-board air compressors
  • Selection of on-board mud pumps
  • Can be supplied with complete tooling package
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"The Watertec 12.8 has become recognised as a dependable, fast, powerful water well drilling rig for DTH and mud rotary drilling. Used by many government departments, NGOs and militaries around the world."

The Watertec 12.8: providing water to communities in some of the harshest environments in the world.

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