Watertec 4000

With a pullback of 4,000kgf, the Watertec 4000 is an ultra-compact, lightweight water well rig designed for drilling shallow to medium depth boreholes in tough working environments.

This rig is highly modular with a choice of masts to accommodate 2m or 3m rods, a range of engines from 50-100hp including silent pack options, and a selection of carrier vehicles including crawler, trailer and truck mounted versions. Fitted with a cylindrical, progressive cavity pump that takes up very little space, this rig is a versatile and powerful water well drilling solution on a small footprint.

  • Various mounting options available, including track, truck, skid or customer’s own support vehicle.
  • High-torque, high-speed rotary head
  • Equipped with a silent diesel engine. Other options available.
  • Mast dump
  • Hydraulic winch
  • Selection of mud pumps available
  • Inline oil lubricator
  • Hydraulic rod clamps/breaker available as an option
  • Umbilical tracking via pilot control when rig is in transit mode
  • Radio remote tracking available as an option
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"Watertec 4000: cost effective narrow borehole drilling upto 150m with 3 1/2" drill rod"

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The track mounted version of the Watertec 4000 is only 1.4m wide when tracking and can access difficult terrain and narrow paths or between closely spaced buildings.

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